Meeting room rental Paris, meeting at the Bachaumont hotel

More and more hotels are hosting meetings, seminars and other professional gatherings. Among the plethora of meeting rooms on offer, the Bachaumont Hotel in Paris stands out for its high quality setting.


Seminar room rental in Paris, the ideal setting for your professional meetings

If the Bachaumont hotelwhich reopened its doors in 2016, is a superb 4 star hotel that tourists love, it is also the perfect setting for business meetings. That's why the hotel offers two room rental rooms, of 50 and 70 m². They are equipped to provide you with all the necessary comfort to organize business meetings, seminars but also various product presentation events or a temporary showroom. Computer equipment and video projector, fast and secure wifi, paperboard, LED screen, nothing will be missing to work in the best conditions. A meal and coffee break service will allow you to put your interlocutors in the best conditions. The elegant setting, just like the hotel's, will show your guests how much attention you pay to them. Thanks to the hotel's know-how, your meeting room rental will be a success.


Rental of equipped meeting rooms in Paris, but not only

The Bachaumont is a perfect place to come and work serenely. By settling there for several days, you will make your collaborators or guests stay in a framework of great standing. The 4 stars of the hotel are not only the reflection of the rooms, it is also that of all the common parts, including those dedicated to the renting of meeting rooms in Paris. It is therefore in an elegant, relaxing and quality setting that you can present your products or organize your meetings. The hotel also offers a restaurant where the modern, contemporary and ecological cuisine honors the classics of French cuisine. You will have a good time in a room decorated with a magnificent glass roof and an open kitchen. Finally, in the evening, the hotel bar, the night flight, or the wine bar, will welcome you for a moment in all relaxation. Renting a meeting room in a Paris hotel is no longer a problem thanks to the Bachaumont hotel.



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