20th Century

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Large Hotel of Bachaumont is an institution. This last holds its name of the famous author of the “Memories secrecies”, chronicles tasty of France of the 18th century.

His clientele of the time

The admirable masonry post haussmannienne accommodates notable and doctors. But especially of the traders allured by his situation, with two steps of the district of the Markets, the largest market of France.

The key under the door

When the Markets are transferred to Rungis, it is the swansong for the Large Hotel of Bachaumont and its table if appraisal. The hotel closes down, before the Key reopens them.

Since 2016

Today, the establishment joins again with its mad years. Architects and designers endeavoured to make revive its history and its seal of yesteryear, such of the archeologists, restoring his frontage and its porch out of glass and wrought iron, finding until the historical inscription of the establishment engraved in the stone of size.


The Bachaumont Hotel takes again life, with the image of its district, which is reinvented while joining again with its past.