Trendy restaurant in Paris, the Bachaumont restaurant

There is no shortage of places to go out when you are enjoying the Parisian life. Finding a trendy restaurant in Paris can quickly become complicated if you don't know the address of the Bachaumont hotel restaurant.


Trendy restaurant Paris 2, welcome to Bachaumont

The Bachaumont is a hotel in the 2nd arrondissement that reopened in 2016 after being one of the most prominent hotels during the Roaring Twenties. Today, the establishment revives this splendid period through its hotel but also its table. This is why the restaurant Bachaumont is a trendy restaurant in Paris where you can come and taste a modern cuisine. The chef, who has had great experiences with Alain Ducasse or at the Tour d'Argent, loves quality products. Respecting the seasons, privileged short circuits, reasoned market gardening and organic products are part of his credo to revisit the classics of French cuisine with his imperatives. And that's why we love Bachaumont, because this trendy restaurant in Paris combines gourmet cuisine with a true ecological conscience, which is very much in tune with the times.


Trendy restaurant Paris 2nd district

The Montorgueil district, Les Halles, this is the immediate environment of the Bachaumont street, a place where we like to go out and have fun. That's why the location is ideal for the trendy restaurant Bachaumont in Paris. It's easy to get there, you eat well, and you leave in the evening to stay in the neighborhood and enjoy the Parisian nightlife. And if you sleep at the hotel of the same name, it's even easier. You will extend the pleasure of the table by that of a 4 star hotel. If the Bachaumont is a trendy restaurant in Paris, it is also for its modern architecture, based on the magnificent glass roof restored to match the taste of the hotel and for its open kitchen which demonstrates the frankness of each dish. The Bachaumont is a culinary experience to share with friends, but it remains affordable and similar to a quality brasserie as can be found in the neighborhood, it would be a shame to deprive yourself.



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